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Spindles Auto Club formed to promote member companionship, participation in customizing and restoring automobiles, and participation in fundraising and other events for charities.

Club membership requires an interest in automobile restoration and a desire to take an active part in Club activities. All members must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age and shall have completed the Membership Application Form. Each member will be considered a shareholder in the Club and as such is entitled to one vote.

Prospective members are invited to attend our Monthly Meetings which are held the last Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm at the Club.

Prospective New Members Must:

  • Submit a completed and signed Membership Application Form to the Secretary. Any false information provided on the Membership Application Form shall be grounds for rejection. The Membership Application Form shall be reviewed for acceptance or rejection by the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall consist of all current directors and officers. A background check may be considered during the review process.

  • Be sponsored by an existing member in good standing for at least one year. The sponsoring member shall be held responsible for all actions of the new member, including unpaid dues and fines for one year. A twelve-month grace period will be permitted for the payment of debt by the sponsor.

  • Attend two Club meetings prior to their application for membership being voted on:

    • A first meeting for the prospective new member to introduce themselves, to express his/her reasons for application, to receive copies of Club Rules and Regulations for review, and to be invited to visit the club facility over the next 30 day to become acquainted with members and/ or to find a sponsor.

    • A second meeting for interview by club member’s and then for a secret ballot acceptance vote by all club members in attendance.

  • Pass the secret ballot vote with no more than three (3) negative member votes and, if voted in, be subject to a three month probation period and review.

  • Sign all documents provided by the Club regarding membership responsibilities and liabilities, including a waiver of liability for themselves and all current and future invitees.

  • Pay an initiation fees, the upcoming months dues and one months advanced dues as set forth in the Club Rules and Regulations.

  • Agree to attend a minimum of 50% of general membership meetings annually, to assist the Club in hosting the annual Marshfield Auto Show and to participate in Club annual clean-up weekend.

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